Smart Mini PTZ Bullet Camera

2018 Best Outdoor Security Camera – Mini PTZ Bullet Camera

Outdoor camera is the best choice for security and safety of your residence or business. It owns many advantages that indoor camera doesn’t have; you’re able to deter intruders and protect your house’s perimeter before intruders break-in, outdoor camera typically will not invade your privacy when video need to be watched online and documented.

Security experts recommend outdoor PTZ camera for outdoor security, and many users choose this type of camera. However, old PTZ camera is expensive when considering both equipment and shipping cost. As a leading security camera manufacturer – Unifore recently unveiled a new generation PTZ camera which adopts Mini compact size and bullet physical design. It enables you to remotely rotate the camera and optically zoom-in to capture super-clear video, the cost of equipment is affordable to everyone who wanna buy a PTZ cam.

Features of Mini PTZ bullet camera

Microphone capability – most indoor cameras have built-in microphone and speaker to support 2-way audio intercom, but few outdoor cameras have this feature, mainly dues to outdoor needs to adopt full-sealed design. Unifore mini PTZ bullet camera has built-in microphone can add valuable information and function. Using the microphone allow you to listen for anomalies or noises that may indicate a problem, also can record video footage with audio.

180 degree field of view – supporting pan/tilt rotating so that it can completely cover the area it monitors without leaving any blind sports. Although fisheye or single lens panoramic cameras are able to provide this capability, our Mini PTZ camera is better for outdoor security in terms of image quality.

Optical zoom capability – equipped with a motorized 2.8-12mm lens, it can provide 4x optical zoom capability. The perfect choice for short distance or long range distance video monitoring application.

Motion detection – a camera supports motion detection can alert you if there is motion detected. Supporting sensitivity adjustable can effectively reduce false alarm, it can support motion-activated video recording to save video storage. Up to 3 users can receive push notification alert.

Reset button design – physical reset button design allows you to reset the camera in case malfunction and wrong configuration. Most outdoor cameras don’t have reset button design, it’s very difficult to reset them to factory design due to some security concerns.

Weatherproof – IP66 rated weatherproof design enables it to against natural hazards like rain, dust, and snow. No need to buy and install a special housing for the camera.

Video storage – built-in microSD card slot, it can accept max. 128GB microSD memory card. The local storage capability can ensure that video and snapshots are securely captured and stored. Comparing cloud storage, you don’t need to pay expensive monthly fee.

Interoperability – the camera is able to work with other brand’s products and services. It’s compatible ONVIF Profile S (version 2.4) protocol, The ONVIF Profile S focuses on common functionalities of IP video systems, i.e. specification of audio and video streaming between the device (e.g. camera) and client (software app, NVR). The client can configure the audio, video, and data streams, select PTZ protocols, make use of metadata, alarm inputs and relay outputs.

Night vision – because the majority of crimes happen at night, it’s very important to select an outdoor camera has night vision capability, this camera can see up to 30 meters under complete darkness condition. It can automatically switch between day and night mode and built-in IR-CUT filter to produce true-color image in the day time, meanwhile let Infrared in to see clearly at night.

Remote viewing capability – unlike traditional network camera, this camera doesn’t require users to config through computer web browser. You are able to use smartphone App to setup and tweak its settings directly. As long as there is an Internet connection, it allows you to access or monitor your camera in real-time wherever you’re. It also comes with free VMS (video management software) to support multiple camera simultaneously monitoring in computer.

Outdoor PTZ Bullet Camera

PTZ camera vs panoramic camera?

Which is better between PTZ bullet camera and panoramic camera? PTZ bullet camera is better for outdoor video monitoring when considering the actual image quality and the flexibility of installation. Here we compare them from three different perspective:

1.Image Quality

A panoramic camera has many advantages, but poor image quality is the notorious disadvantage. The reason is most of panoramic camera utilizes a single fisheye lens to capture 360 degree image, a typical 2-megapixel CMOS can not provide sufficient detail after digitally zoom-in. In a nutshell, panoramic camera gives you a panoramic image but lacking adequate image detail.

Pan, tilt, zoom is the main advantages for PTZ camera. Pan&tilt capability can let the camera cover ultra viewing angle just as the panoramic camera does, but it captures near no distortion image. A 2-megapixel CMOS is adequate to capture crystal clear image with standard viewing angle. By integrating with optical zoom lens, you are able to have a close-up view without losing detail, it’s very important to identify criminal’s face features and capture car plate license number etc many applications if you want to have a camera can record useful CCTV footage for investigation.

2.Installation flexibility

Don’t buy fisheye lens camera for outdoor video monitoring! Because it lacks flexibility on installation, it’s recommended to use the panoramic camera if you want it to be ceiling mounted. Wall-mounting is possible, but will not achieve 360 degree viewing angle, house wall will definite block the camera’s view, consequently it only provides you an actual near 120 degree viewing angle.

Depends on which PTZ camera you use, a PTZ speed dome camera gives you near 360 degree viewing angle, it has no problem to be wall and ceiling mounted.


A 5-megapixel or above resolution panoramic camera is as expensive as a PTZ speed dome camera. Additionally, the size of PTZ speed dome camera is 4-5 times bigger than panoramic camera, so the transportation cost of PTZ speed dome camera is very high. However, a PTZ bullet camera is small and shipping cost is the similar to a panoramic camera.

Why mini PTZ bullet camera is the best?

2018 new generation outdoor camera adopts exclusive and patent pan/tilt/zoom design. Believe me, it’s the right choice for outdoor video surveillance no matter you want a camera to setup a new digital camera system or intend to upgrade your old IP camera system. In addition to PTZ functionality, it supports Wi-Fi wireless connection, turns your camera system to be flexible and trendy system. Having microSD card slot to support max. 128G on-board video storage, you can cut cost on buying video recorder. It has a microphone built-in, you are able to watch video while listen sound, record video + audio at the same time.

Say goodbye to hassle configuration. By employing plug&play protocol, the camera is super easy to setup and install. No network knowledge is required to setup the camera. You can install and setup it by yourself, no need to hire professional installer. Using the camera only takes three simple steps; 1. download and install app in your smartphone, 2. connect it with power supply and reset it, 3. link the camera through “smartlink” via app.

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