2019’s best ABT Photobeam Detectors for Perimeter Security Intrusion Detection

Unifore provides new generation photobeam detectors for perimeter security or intrusion alarm monitoring applications. They adopt 4-channel selectable frequency design overcomes crosstalk IR interference which usually occurs on traditional photobeam products. We provide a complete product portfolio including ABT dual-beam series, ABE triple beam series, ABH quadruple beam series. In addition to selectable frequency this most worthwhile feature, our photobeam are much better than others in market when comparing the quality and functionality.

The product comes with new design, here we are pleased to teardown ABT series photoelectric beam, and inspect each details to get know it very well. As can see, photobeam detector consists of one transmitter and one receiver. Unlike other traditional photobeam detectors both devices adopt no-color transparent lenses design, Unifore photobeam receiver adopt black transparent lens, which have a special coat to stop white light enters into sensors, therefore reduces natural light interference, greatly improve product’s performance.

ABT Photobeam Detector

Unifore photobeam detectors come with rich terminals design. The transmitter’s terminal includes DC power input, heater, tamper. The receiver’s terminal including DC power input, alarm, heater, tamper. Comparing traditional photobeam detectors, our product supports temperature monitoring and regulation. They’re able to connect with heater (PTC resistor), when the detector works under extreme cold temperature (which is below -20 Celsius degree), it will automatically turn heater on to keep device warm. Without heater function, traditional photobeam detectors will not work properly in cold winter season.

ABT Photobeam Transmitter
ABT Photobeam Receiver Terminal

The product have DIP switches design, this helps security installers tweak each settings in order to achieve the optimum result. The transmitter’s DIP switch settings including Infrared frequency channel (from 1CH to 4CH), heat and pre-heat, operation (ON/OFF) beam power level (high or low).

ABT Photoelectric Beam Transmitter's DIP Setting

Besides some same DIP switch settings as the transmitter, the receiver’s DIP switch settings has interruption time adjustment. The interruption time is adjustable from 50ms to 700ms. Security installers can select the respective interruption time according to the moving speed of targets. For example, if photobeam detectors are mounted on wall to detect slow moving behavior such as crawling, the interruption time should select 300ms or 700ms. Vice versa, if photobeam detector needs to detect fast moving object, you can set interruption time to 100ms value.

ABT Dual Photoelectric Beam Receiver DIP Switch

Unlike other photobeam devices from counterparts, our photobeam receiver includes LED segment display, which clearly display the reception performance. Security installers can use the display to quickly align receiver and transmitter, making fast installation become possible. It tells you if alignment is correct or should be redo. For example, if LED display shows 0-4, you need to re-align the devices, 5-6 represents fair, 7-8 means good, 9 means best.

Photobeam receiver LED display helps align quickly

In order to provide maximum protection and great flexibility on variable installation conditions. Unifore photobeam adopts rotatable design, the lens are 180 degree horizontally and 22 degree vertically rotatable. Unlike cheap photobeam detectors, our products have degree marks help you rotate the device to designated degree, this greatly reduce hassle to align the device.

Photoelectric beam rotation degree marks

The Infrared device component has metal shield, the metal shield can protect the circuit from possible interference. It also helps heat dissipation when Infrared LED operates continuously. This technique helps to extend the lifespan of Infrared diodes.

ABT Photobeam Detectors

Unifore new generation photobeam products are more advanced than conventional photobeam. They truly has a micro-processor as the brain of device. Moreover, it has a temperature sensor/resistor to collect and monitor environment degree. It tells the device when it should turn on heater to keep device warm, and when it should turn heater off. Furthermore, the product had voltage current regulator design greatly help achieve stable performance. Most photobeam detectors are installed in outdoor, they are exposed to close and distant lightning strikes and surge voltages, our advanced photobeam detectors include lightning protection circuit design helps to decrease the damage.

ABT Photobeam Detector Circuit Design

Furthermore, our devices utilize military-grade Infrared diodes, which can serve up to 10 years without degradation on performance. They’re truly high quality and can effectively monitor the perimeter or boundaries of your building and detect intrusion, stop intruders as well.

Photobeam Infrared Diodes

In summary, Unifore new generation photobeam (also called active infrared beam detectors) are the perfect security gear to monitor perimeter of critical infrastructures, farm, house, construction sites, solar panel farms, electricity substation, warehouse, school, factory… and more places. It’s so far the most reliable and affordable methods to create your own perimeter security system. Comparing electric fence system and barbed wire, it’s modern, invisible, high-tech yet low cost solution.

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