About Us

Specialize in manufacturing smart security cameras


Your trustworthy supplier for various security products.


Unifore has been verified by third authorization institution,our company is listed in D&B database, D&B provides commercial data to businesses on credit history, business-to-business sales and marketing, counterparty risk exposure, supply chain management, lead scoring and social identity matching.

1688 Alibaba Group

We are the verified/third-party audit manufacturer having its own factory facilities for security products. Our company has been the trust supplier in Alibaba group’s 1688 domestic supplier platform.


Unifore had been the gold member of Alibaba.com for almost 5 years. We had been verified and third-party audit by the trustworthy institution. We stopped the membership as the Alibaba launched Aliexpress which may impact on our core business.

Corporate Profile

SmartPet was established in 2010, a professional enterprise integrating research & development, production and sales, also one of the earliest research and development companies of R&D to produce smart pet feeders. SmartPet has released more than 50 product models which includes the Automatic Pet feeder series, automatic drinking fountain, pet toy and pet training series etc. The sales network covered more than 70 countries and regions, like China, America, Europe, Japan, Korea and Australia, as well as established a pleasant relationship with many famous brands in pet supplies.

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Well known partners from all over the world.