DophiGo Smart Doorbell

DophiGo App Connected Smart Doorbell with Cloud Storage

Besides Amazon Ring, DophiGo doorbell is another amazing smart doorbell people should buy. Apart from regular Wi-Fi connected doorbell camera, DophiGo is powered by rechargeable high capacity battery enables it to run 180 days in standby mode, or runs 90 days under daily usage condition. DophiGo doorbell is equipped with a microUSB for battery recharging purpose, you can easily recharge it by using a regular cellphone charger. Most importantly, it uses a replaceable 18650 type battery, so that you can use another fully-charged one to replace exhausted battery and keep your doorbell operating. Utilizing Hisilicon ultra low power consumption SoC and embedded Huawei LiteOS system, it’s the secret why DophiGo doorbell is able to operate so many days by using a battery.

DophiGo doorbell has built-in 2.4G Wi-Fi module, it’s able to hook with your home/office router. Therefore DophiGo doorbell can provide you a completely wireless solution that requires no trenching and wiring. It can be mounted on any entry doors or beside door frame. Intending to prevent theft, it adopts special design to avoid device being taken off, no worries that it will be stolen.

The DophiGo doorbell is equipped a camera module, the camera module mainly employs 1.3-megapixel CMOS image sensor and HiSilicon Hi3518EV200 SoC. Unlike other regular security cameras, the CMOS image sensor featuring excellent low light sensitivity, helping camera to see clearly under dim lighting condition. Though it doesn’t have IR function, it still has night vision capability. Eliminating IR design not only helps to reduce power consumption, but also avoid IR pollution. HiSilicon Hi3518EV200 is a top-notch processor designed for IoT solution, it uses LiteOS which improving system boot-up time significantly, so that once you push wake-up button on app, the camera will instantly deliver live stream to your smartphone. The processor includes advanced image signal processing unit ensures camera to capture high clarity and vivid color video. It also includes enhanced H.264 video codec engine, which assist users to watch smooth video under slow/constrained network speed.

It’s a smart doorbell sends you instant push notification when a visitor presses doorbell. You’re able to answer call anywhere anytime through smartphone. The device built-in microphone and speaker so you not only see who’s there, you also can answer call and talk back with visitor to confirm its identity. If there is nobody answer the call after 30 seconds, doorbell will remind visitors to leave voice memo/message, which will simultaneously be uploaded to cloud storage. Users are able to playback voice memo on smartphone.

DophiGo doorbell and wireless indoor chimeUnlike traditional security cameras, DophiGo smart doorbell utilizes Bluetooth technology for easy Wi-Fi setup. New technology offers 99% successful connection rate ensures you can easily set it up and have a good experience. Moreover, DophiGo doorbell is an expandable intercom system, it’s able to interconnect with up to 20 units of wireless indoor chime receivers. By using wireless indoor chime receiver you will be able to hear doorbell chime anywhere in entire house. The wireless transmission range between doorbell and chime receiver can reach up to 100 meters. DophiGo doorbell also can be easily integrated into your home automation system. It supports Alexa Show connection. Talking with your Alexa Show, you are able to watch video. DophiGo is an outdoor smart doorbell which adopts IP66 rated weatherproof design.

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